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Game Transfer Phenomena


I am a psychologist and postdoctoral researcher in psychology with master¿s degrees in Mental Health and Child and Youth Studies.

The goal of my research is understanding the interaction between human beings and technology with the goal of maximizing benefits and overcome challenges.

Critical inquiry on the psychosocial implications of interactive technologies has been my professional passion since undergraduate school when I conducted one of the first studies on Internet pathological use in 2000.

In 2010, I coined the term Game Transfer Phenomenon (GTP) carving a multidisciplinary area of ¿¿research to understand the effects of video games.

My research projects are characterised by innovation and impact beyond academia. I have been awarded prices and research grants, including the prestigious European scientific Marie Curie postdoctoral grant. I am a prolific author of academic and popular science articles and poetry and expert speaker.

My research has been featured worldwide in books about everything from video games, evolution of the senses and a science fiction book; reports (Lloyds emerging risk report (2018); POSTnote by the United Kingdom¿s Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (2012); newspapers  (eg, Die Zeit, 2017; The Telegraph ¿Science, 2016; Washington Post, 2016; El Reforma 2016; Boston Globe, 2014; The International Herald Tribune, 2011); New Scientist magazines, 2011);  TV  (eg, BBC news, 2015; an episode of the American series ¿ CSI: Cyber ¿, 2016;  Radio programs (eg, BBC Digital Human, 2016; BBC ¿Click, 2011.