The Apparitorate is in charge of the student affairs of the faculty. The faculty has a Bachelor's Apparitorate and a Master's Apparitorate.

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Pedagogical advisors

The pedagogical advisors are responsible for supporting the professional development of students, providing information and promoting studies, and supporting the quality policy of teaching and training.

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Erasmus Office


Faculty accounting

The management of the accounting for the faculty or its services is carried out by the executive secretariats.

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Decentralized IT Unit (UDI-Fapse)

The Decentralized Computer Unit (UDI-Fapse) manages the faculty's computer equipment: free access computer room, software installation, configuration and repair of computers, advice, development, insurance, faculty intranet website, etc.

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CAFEIM : Self-Training and Multimedia Learning Unit

Cafeim Fapse allows students to self-train, to access multi-media tools, to train for exam procedures, electronic exams, electronic amphitheater, access to self-service computers (Cafeim is located on the ground floor of the B32 building, Parking C and D).

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Direction administrative
Faculté de Psychologie, Logopédie et Sciences de l'Education
Direction administrative
updated on 5/22/23

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