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In a constantly changing world, recently marked by the health crisis, and characterized by sociological, technological and organizational changes against the backdrop of the ecological transition, it is increasingly necessary to train actors capable of deciphering the implications of these changes on the human being, to enable him or her to situate him or herself in the face of these challenges, to question his or her values and references, and to maintain control over his or her future in an increasingly complex environment.

The Faculty of Psychology, Logopedics and Educational Sciences offers future psychologists, logopedists and pedagogues - that is, in 2021-2022, no less than 2800 students - a training program characterized both by its concern for scientific rigor and by the diversity of approaches and areas of specialization offered to the student.e: family psychology, delinquency psychology, social psychology of work and organizations, neuropsychology, clinical child psychology are some of the many training modules that make up the program of the Master in Psychological Sciences. The Master's in Logopaedics also offers students the possibility of specializing in areas such as voice disorders, deafness, and oral and written language disorders (including their neuropsychological aspects).

As for the Master's degree in Educational Sciences, which is mainly attended by teachers who already have a degree, it allows them to follow additional training in the fields of continuing education, intervention in the school environment, and training of early childhood professionals, to name but a few.

While research - particularly through doctoral training - is an important part of the activities of a university faculty, one of our priority objectives is also to put in place the conditions for excellent training in clinical practice. In this respect, the Faculty has set up a structure that favors a close articulation between theoretical training and clinical practice in psychology and logopedics: the University Psychological and Logopedic Clinic (CPLU), where consultations are organized in various fields (psychotherapy, neuropsychological and logopedic assessments, etc.) and which also constitutes a place of internship for our students.

On behalf of all my colleagues, I would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Psychology, Logopedics and Educational Sciences. In the wooded and green setting of the Sart-Tilman university domain, you will benefit from optimal supervision - the Faculty has more than 200 professors and members of the scientific staff - and I can assure you that we are doing everything possible to offer you a solid scientific and clinical training, open to the outside world and at the forefront of the methods of pedagogical renewal advocated by the University.


Isabelle Hansez


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