An ethics committee has existed within the Faculty of Psychology, Logopedics and Educational Sciences of the University of Liege since October 2002. The committee is competent to give an ethical opinion on all research projects on human beings involving a member of the FPLSE, student or staff member.



he Committee also provides support and advice on the ethical aspects of the clinical practice of psychology, speech therapy and educational sciences, as well as assistance in the decision-making process concerning individual cases. It pursues a mission of general awareness of ethics among both staff and students concerned.

Any research on human beings conducted by a faculty member must be approved by the Ethics Committee.

Criteria for ethical review of research projects

Free and informed participation

  • Participants must be fully informed of the objectives, procedures and potential risks of the research.
  • Possibility for the participant to renounce or terminate his or her participation without having to communicate a reason.
  • Written consent signed by the participants or their legal guardian.

Confidentiality of data

  • The practical modalities of management, processing, conservation and destruction of personal data respect the law defining the rights of the patient (law of August 22, 2002), the law of May 7, 2004 on studies on the human person as well as the general regulation on data protection (EU) 2016/679.
  • Assumption of responsibility/coverage of possible damages.

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