The Faculty of Psychology, Logopaedics and Educational Sciences

The Faculty of Psychology, Logopaedics and Educational Sciences is fully committed to the university missions of teaching, research and service to the community


The university expects its students to develop a strong analytical mind through problem solving and critical thinking, to receive excellent training in research and communication, and to be knowledgeable, flexible and innovative. They must become agents of positive change, aware of their obligations as citizens of society. To achieve this, the university encourages the inclusion of new forms of teaching (problem solving, supervised training courses, role playing, use of new technologies, ...) and the acquisition of transversal skills.

Studies in psychology

Studies in Speech Therapy


Complementarity between teaching and research is at the heart of the university project. The university devotes more than half of its annual budget to high-level research, whether it is fundamental and the basis of new knowledge or applied and at the service of society. The human size of the university facilitates interdisciplinary research and, more generally, contacts between scientists from different disciplines. Collaborations with industry and public services are also numerous.

Openness to society

In parallel to these two axes, the university is distinguished by its service to the community. This involves any activity that consists of rendering a disinterested academic or extra-academic service: serving as Dean, Department Chair, member of a jury or commission, member of a university committee or council, member of a F.R.S.-FNRS commission, member of a learned society or association with a scientific or cultural goal. The practice of a paid activity for third parties, when it is based on a particular and specific expertise, also constitutes a service to the community.

Clinical activity: between teaching, research and openness to society

Clinical activity cannot be dissociated from teaching, of which it is an important part for future psychologists and speech therapists. It is also part of research, since it involves the subject of the research - the patient - and knowledge from the literature. In this respect, as Rector Bernard Rentier emphasized, clinical activity is as much a part of teaching and research as it is of service to the community.

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