Speech therapy

The field of action of the speech therapist is extensive: private practice as an independent speech therapist; hospital services; rehabilitation centres; specialised institutions for the disabled (intellectual disability, motor and neuromotor deficiencies, sensory deficiencies, etc.); paedophilia services; specialised rest homes; specialised classes; specialised prevention and health screening services.


The psychology course meets a growing demand for professionals capable of intervening in multiple fields (polyvalent aspect of the training) affecting health, work and employment, business, education, training and justice; psychologists work in numerous and varied work environments.

Medical and social field

Hospitals, independent practice, nursing homes, ASBL, associations, public service, family planning, mental health centres, mutualities, special education, CPAS

Examples of care: preventive treatment in an institutional or open environment; work with young people and adults with disabilities (early help, integration assistance, support, residential centres, etc.); work with families (support, therapy); neuro-psychological assessment and rehabilitation

Work and employment

Companies, consultancies, human resources departments, Internal/External Prevention Services (SIPP/SEPP), training centres, civil service and professional integration organisations (OIP), non-profit organisations, research and development in HR management tools and practices

Examples of services provided: Analysis and recommendations on well-being at work; recruitment and selection of personnel; change management in companies; risk management and safety; development of skills and training of personnel; organisational analysis and interventions


Psycho-Medico-Social Centres (PMSCs), school guidance and counselling centres, independent practice

Examples of services provided: Setting up measures to prevent difficulties in the social and/or educational integration of young people; support for parents and educational teams; help with school success


Youth protection services (IPPJ, ...), independent court experts, police, prison

Examples of services: Care of young people and adults in conflict situations, delinquents, marginalised people, etc.; forensic evaluations

Research & Education

Universities, companies (study and research departments), colleges

Examples of work: PhD; work in psychopharmacology; data analysis

Education sciences

Teacher in Higher Education (Hautes Ecoles, Ecoles supérieures des arts, with CAPAES); education executive (director, inspector, pedagogical advisor); administration/political (steering department, statistical services, organising authorities, ONE, equal opportunities, observatory for children, . ); researcher in educational sciences; trainer in companies or associations; counsellor (in socio-professional integration, in human resources); designer of training systems and/or resources in companies, in public services; accompanier of projects for the development of skills.

updated on 5/15/23

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